Small Business Cloud

Cloud Computing for the Small Business

Small Businesses Face Big Technology Challenges

The benefits of cloud computing can be even more significant for smaller companies than larger companies. The cloud offers a way to avoid the usual problems, such as deploying, building, investing, maintaining, and operating the infrastructures involved.

Cloud computing removes the barriers for small businesses trying to take advantage of new technologies. With low entry costs, automatic updates, predictable expenses, minimal IT burden, and scalable functionality, cloud helps level the playing field so they can focus on what technology can do for them, rather than focus on how to purchase technology.

Top six challenges facing small business:

  • High cost of technology - Technology can be expensive, and keeping up with the larger players can become increasingly difficult.
  • Lack of IT skill set/human resource constraints Small businesses - typically cannot afford to hire and retain a full IT staff, making it difficult to adequately manage and maintain premises-based technology.
  • Rapid rate of change - Technology is changing rapidly, and without internal technical expertise and large IT budgets, small businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to deploying the latest technology.
  • Scaling as company grows - Small, growing businesses need technology that scales with them, providing the additional storage and computing power they need-when they need it.
  • Keeping systems up and running - IT availability is vital for small businesses, where just a small amount of downtime can jeopardize profitability.
  • Backup and disaster recovery - Small businesses need secure, reliable, and cost-effective disaster recovery and business-continuity protection.

Always-on accessibility

An increasingly mobile and distributed workforce expects their "office" to be wherever they are located. Small businesses now regard mobility as an essential business enabler-critical to the success of their business.

Systems integration

Small businesses are seeking to leverage the business-class tools they already use, integrating them in with new solutions to provide broad, cost-effective functionality.

Cyber protection

Without the necessary security in place, small businesses are opening their operations to an array of devastating vulnerabilities.

How we can help:

Future-proof flexibility

Adopting a cloud platform can help small business remain agile and adaptable to changing consumer and business demands.

Cost savings

A cloud-services supplier provides servers and infrastructure, giving companies a cost-effective way to update their architecture without significant investment in equipment.

IT staff availability

Cloud computing frees IT resources for other tasks because the cloud-service provider takes care of regular maintenance and updates, as well as security checks and procedures.


Cloud provides virtually unlimited data storage capabilities, growing as your need for more storage grows.


Cloud services offer more effective management of software license through on-demand software (Saas) and timely, centralized updates, perform by qualified software engineers.

Communication and Collaboration

Effective and efficient communication and collaboration tools are important across all size of organisations. Cloud-communication solutions are often small business first foray into the cloud.

Data security

Cloud services provides 24/7 disaster recovery and more consistent security compliance then standalone systems can realistically provides.

Cyber Security

To protect themselves, small business need comprehensive yet cost effective network security solutions to mitigate risk to their business and prevent the financial and reputational damage crated by data breach.

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