Who We Are

At Resolve IT, we are an IT consultancy firm focused on developing technology infrastructure for your unique business requirements. Our technicians are constantly researching the newest technology available and road-testing software releases to ensure that what we recommend really is the best solution. Often, we audit business infrastructures only to find that they have long outgrown their existing infrastructure or have been advised to purchase technology to suit a company with twice their operating requirements. We take pride in being able to promptly audit your technology infrastructure, troubleshoot any problem and provide you with the best resolution specifically designed to suit your organization.

Your Trusted IT Consultant

We know your business services are crucial for your daily operations.  Resolve IT is committed to providing the experience, dedication and resources required to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations. We are your IT Partner.

Disaster preparedness is a business priority

From natural disasters to cyberattacks, small businesses face big threats. We’ll help you defend against them. Create the Ideal Disaster Plan for Your SMB now.

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